Community: The Ultimate Greendale Community College Quiz

Go Greendale human beings!

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College (or University for some) is a very important time for a developing person. It's a chance to broaden your horizons, meet exciting new people, learn something important and really discover who you are. That's why going to a school that fits you is a tip-top priority. Thus, hats out to the unlucky souls who went to Greendale, because that place was an absolute dump.

Yes, this community college, and the backdrop for the cult sitcom Community, is one hell of a wacky place. It's essentially a character in itself, but not the kind of learning environment anyone would want to be a part of. However, despite being an all-around hellhole for higher learning, it sure is a hilarious source of comedy.

Greendale is filled to the brim with disasters, silly moments and danger, as the leadership of the ever eye-catching Dean Craig Pelton made it a smorgasbord of mishaps. Thanks to this, there's plenty of detail and trivia to be found in this community college.

So, let's see how much you can remember about this (barely a) school.

1. Who Founded Greendale?


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