Community Vs. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Who Said It - Frank Or Pierce?

Which horrible old man said this?

Frank Reynolds and Pierce Hawthorne

Community is a cult classic comedy based around a group of students at a Community College. The 'study group' consists of a varied bunch all from different backgrounds. Among them is Peirce Hawthorne, the weird, racist, misogynistic man who runs a moist towelette company. Generally he's unpleasant to be around and says things to upset the rest of the group. Despite this, he's a fan favourite character simply because he's so funny and outrageous.

Similarly to Pierce, Frank Reynolds is a horrible old man from the sitcom It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Coming into the show's second season as the father of two of the characters, Frank instantly became a hit among fans with his over the top, outrageous, frankly offensive one-liners that somehow always land.

Considering both shows are hilarious by nature and both feature a politically incorrect old man, it goes without saying that the two have been compared. Pierce may be more rude to people, but Frank is certianly more vile. Each one is worse than the other. Can you tell who said the following quotes between Frank Reynolds and Pierce Hawthorne?

1. “Block The Wind While I Roast This Bone.”


A grown up... allegedly