Community's 15 Best Ever Episodes

Evil Abed

It's hard to believe that Community only hit our screens in 2009. The cult phenomenon has taken over the lives of so many geeks across the internet due to its clever, meta and downright hilarious stories delivered through sharp witted scripts that leave us thinking well beyond the closing credits. With the final episode of series 4 out just last week we thought that it was about time for a proper retrospective of one of our favorite series. Following the bizarre misadventures of a study group of Community College, Greendale - as well as many of their classmates and faculty members - Community combines sharp one liners with an array of surprisingly original characters. Jeff is a lawyer, only studying in Community College because it was discovered that he faked his bachelor's degree. Britta, a failed political activist studying to finally create a life for herself. Aspegic Abed who sees life through the lens of a television camera, his best friend Troy, the adorably simple ex-athlete out to get himself a job where he does no work or that looks like he doesn't do any work from far away. Young, naive and neurotic Annie and middle aged Shirley ready to start a business and get her life back on track. Also in the group is Pierce, the hopeless heir to a moist towelette empire. The gang have to contend with the psychotic Senior Chang and the blatantly pan-sexual Dean Pelton. Here is a definitive, highly subjective list of fifteen episodes of Community that you'll find impossible not to watch over and over again, each one of them displaying all of the things that make this series so unique and special.
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