Could This Friends Quiz BE Any Harder?

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Quarter of a century ago, six fresh-faced, floppy-haired twenty-somethings became friends. For the next ten years, television cameras captured all the ups, downs, and unbearably sarcastic comments from their time pal-ing together in their ludicrously unaffordable downtown Manhattan apartments.

NBC's hit sit-com - creatively titled 'Friends' - ran for ten seasons, making household names of its sextet or stars in the process. A creative and commercial juggernaut, the programme earned a mammoth 62 Primetime Emmy nominations, whilst consistently rating within the top ten most watched TV shows for each year of its run.

Things finally came to a close in 2004, with a finale witnessed by a mammoth 52 million bleary eyed Americans, at last saying goodbye to the greatest friends they'd never met.

Fifteen years on, those faces are a little less fresh and the hair's slightly lighter, but TV's finest ensemble cast remain just as close - and just as popular - as ever. According to an annual survey, Friends is still a favourite amongst youngsters, even though none of them were born when it ended, let alone started.

That all means that obsessive knowledge about the show is just as much a part of the current generation as it was the last. Did you see The One With The Super Hard Friends Quiz? Nope?

This is it.

Answers at the end!

1. What Is Phoebe’s Sister Called?


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