Crisis On Infinite Earths Finale Features Cameo From Major DCEU Star

The Crisis on Infinite Earths finale offered one last, shocking cameo from a major DC movies star.

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The Arrowverse has finally wrapped up its massive crossover event, Crisis on Infinite Earths. The two part finale came to us in the form of episode 8 of Arrow’s season 8 and the season premiere (technically) of Legends of Tomorrow. Ever since it was announced, this had been hyped and built up as one of the biggest events in television history and for the most part, it lived up to the billing.

The crossover episodes were packed to the brim with famous cameos, tie-ins and plot twists. While fans have often expressed their frustrations over how CW handles these shows, all doubts were cast aside as by the time the dust had settled and a new universe was born, the audience had been treated to an exhilarating superhero action ride.

However, while there were no shortage of talking points and Easter eggs in the final two episodes, one particular appearance has sent the internet into a frenzy. Party because no one saw it coming and party because the star in question holds major DC significance, this made sure that a crossover famous for involving other shows and their universes, ended with one last, massive outsider appearance. Before getting into it, the following contains massive spoilers for the finale so you haven’t seen it yet, consider yourselves spoiler warned.


Part 4 of the crossover picked up from where we left off roughly one month ago. Barry, Sara, Kara, J’onn, Kate, Ryan, and yes, Lex Luthor, the seven paragons are still stuck at the Vanishing Point with no way out. To compound their worries, Barry had disappeared for months, leaving the others to rely on Lex and Ryan managing to create some kind of machine that could get them out of there. Although, where exactly they wanted to go was another matter entirely since all reality had been wiped out.

The machine fails but thankfully at that exact time, Barry makes his re-entry. As they stand and argue amongst themselves, it is then none other than Oliver Queen who arrives on the scene, now in his new guise of the Spectre. Oliver confirms Barry’s belief that the Speed Force is their only way out of this mess and unlocks Barry’s latent potential so he can find the strength needed to do so.


Barry, now with his friends, and one enemy, in tow, sets off once more. But while he is able to send Kara, Lex and Ryan hurtling into planet Maltus, the home of the Monitor where he is about to embark on the fateful journey that lets the Anti-Monitor enter their reality, the rest get attacked by said villain while they were still in the Speed Force. After they are separated, Oliver uses his powers to communicate with Barry and tell him that he must find the others before they fall out of the Speed Force.

As Barry goes off in search of his friends, he somehow ends up in a place that looked identical to STAR Labs. Normally this would be nothing unusual as the Speed Force is known for playing these sort of tricks. However, he was not the only person there. Standing opposite him, was another Flash. This Flash, being none other than the DCEU version of the Scarlet Speedster played by Ezra Miller himself.


Both express their shock at seeing the other and wonder what it could all mean. In truth, so are we. Given the entire multiverse had been erased at this point, how another alternate Flash could exist was never quite explained. The conversation was short lived too, as Barry quickly remembers he is running out of time and resumes his rescue operation.

This was a pretty big deal given WB is usually very protective of these characters. Lending an Ezra Miller cameo to CW’s big crossover proves just how much effort was put into this. It also helps tie in the Arrowverse, and DC’s other television properties, with the DC Extended Universe. While it may not necessarily lead to any significant future crossing over between the movie and TV universes, but we can still dream, can’t we?

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