Crisis On Infinite Earths: What Does The Ending Really Mean?

6. Oliver Queen Died A Hero

Arrow Crisis On Infinite Earths Oliver Queen
The CW

In a moment that we all saw coming, Oliver Queen took his final breaths in Crisis On Infinite Earths. Though we all thought his original death in the very first Crisis episode - and his subsequent resurrection as The Spectre - would save him from permanent death, he succumbed to his injuries after defeating The Monitor.

Naturally, it was a moment that left so many of us heartbroken because, all said and done, the Arrowverse began with Arrow... everything else is essentially just an extension of Oliver's mission. We've had the pleasure of watching this man evolve from a young and selfish spoiled rich kid into a selfless hero willing to sacrifice himself to save billions of people he's never even met.

The idea of an Arrowverse without Arrow seems alien right now, but while we struggle to accept the fact that Oliver is gone, we can find solace in his incredible feats. After all, there are worse ways to go than saving the freakin' universe.

We'll miss you, Oliver.


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