Curb Your Enthusiasm Quiz: Who Said It - Larry, Jeff Or Leon?

They're all social assassins in their own way but can you remember which main Curb man said it?


Curb Your Enthusiasm is still going strong some 11 seasons and 22 years after Larry David first conceived his quasi-Seinfeld follow-up at HBO in the year 2000.

Focusing on often even smaller minutiae of daily life than Seinfeld ever did, Curb Your Enthusiasm pushed the uncomfortable factor up to 11. Often the victim of misunderstandings, Larry’s short fuse and lack of patience for anyone who doesn’t follow the rules of society would lead him into awkward situations that would regularly push the boundaries like no other sitcom out there.

Curb Your Enthusiasm is truly a one of a kind sitcom and although a twelfth season has yet to be renewed or confirmed, let's hope Larry is busy thinking about what plots he could use for his next episodes.

For today’s quiz, we’ll need you to recall the best quotes from Curb Your Enthusiasm’s three main men, the social assassin Larry David himself, his manager Jeff Greene and his outspoken lodger/friend Leon Black.

Can you remember who said these famous Curb Your Enthusiasm quotes can you tell a Larry quote from a Jeff quote from a Leon quote?

As always you can find the answers at the end.

1. “You Know Who Wears Sunglasses Inside? Blind People And Assholes.”


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