Curb Your Enthusiasm Quiz: Who Said It - Ted Danson Or Larry David?

Can you remember who said they had moved on from eating dessert anymore!


Are they life long friends or life long rivals?

Existing more like bickering brothers than best of pals, it’s hard to say if Larry David and Ted Danson actually enjoy each other’s company during their time together on Curb Your Enthusiasm. They can’t seem to exist sharing the same space together for too long before a fallout, a row, a cuss word or full on resentment kick in!

Though despite the tension that exists among them, it’s usually forgotten by the next time they meet up. Every new Tim and Larry encounter starts off with optimism that they may get along this time. A full reset of their very strange relationship that soon turns sour.

Often jealous of each other’s success (more often than not coming from Larry’s side, acting low-key jealous of Ted’s better looks and popularity in movies and tv shows), you can’t help but think they respect each other deep down.

But how closely were you watching Curb Your Enthusiasm’s 110 episodes? Try your luck below and answer the one question we’re posing; Who Said It - Larry David or Ted Danson?

1. “How About I Give You A Gift, And You Have To Pick It Up In Seattle? That’s A Problem, Not A Gift!”


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