Dallas: A Small Glimpse At Why They're Bringing It Back

TNT released the official trailer for their new Dallas reboot. Still no word on why it's necessary though.

In late July, TNT announced that they would be bringing back the show Dallas. You remember it was that show that ended on ridiculous cliffhangers every since and ha more reveals then a soap opera. A Mexican soap opera. Well TNT released a trailer for the show yesterday filled with moments that certainly look as if they should inspire awe. Look, the original Dallas definitely had a time and place. It was first released in the wake of our national oil crisis, and it was about greedy oil tycoons. But then the 80s came and threw it way over the edge. The show really was a turning point for television and did have some great moments to it. I'm not trying to discredit the show, simply put it in its proper context. And rather then try to remake the show, TNT announced that the show would pick up some 30 years after the original show and a lot of the original cast would be coming back. Well, I naively thought, that could be interesting. As much as times have changed since '78, we are facing down a lot of the same problems. So TNT promises it will take the spirit of the show and reimagine it in today's world. I'd be okay with that. Of course, you would never know that from looking at the trailer. It's filled with cowboy hats and terrible accents so it's actually pretty hard to tell when it takes place. To my eye, it has all the grandstanding of the original series without any of its subtext. I can already see it. One over the top episode after another until we eventually find out that the entire season was just a dream... Of Barack Obama...In space! Why even do it? Mike Robin has been signed on as the shows producer. Robin has previously worked with Nip/Tuck and The Closer so like TNT, he knows drama. The cast of the original show will be joined by gorgeous B-list actors like Josh Henderson (90210) and Jordana Brewster (Fast and Furious). It all makes perfect sense. TNT is trying to draw in old fans of the show with old cast members and cowboy hats while simultaneously bringing in that coveted tween demographic with hunky stars and convoluted plot twists. Look, maybe I'm wrong. The idea has got some real potential behind it, could be a fun ride. But don't take my word for it. Check out the trailer below and let me know what you think.


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