Daredevil: 10 Reasons It's The Best MCU Entry Yet

Just look past the costume...

It's been four days, so surely you've had more than enough time to binge watch all of Netflix's latest piece of original programming, no? Factor in the hysterical excitement that accompanies the release of any new moving picture thing with the Marvel logo on it, and it's been difficult to leave the house, go on social media, or study smoke signals in the sky without seeing gabbing about Daredevil. As well they should. It's super good. Instantly avoiding comparisons to the mostly bad Ben Affleck movie from a few years ago, this fresh adaptation of the blind superhero (who's a lawyer by day €“ in case you didn't get the joke, Blind Lady Justice is all over the opening credits scene) managed to be everything that film wasn't, as well as breaking new ground for the Marvel Cinematic Universe in general. A whole new cast of characters €“ and top-notch actors €“ were invited in to share the same fictional world as the Avengers and the Guardians Of The Galaxy, but it's a very different story being told. Those are big-budget Hollywood action flicks with a look and morality to match. Daredevil is a little more grey, a little more focussed on the dark corners. And the costume's a bit naff. Overall, though, Daredevil has surprised. Not in that it's good, but that it's this good, and it's good in a totally different way to everything else Marvel have done so far. From the setting to the themes, the casting to the plotting, the budget to the blood, here are ten reasons Daredevil is the best MCU entry yet.
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