Daredevil Season 2 - 8 Frustrating Unanswered Questions We've Been Left With

As good as season two of Daredevil was, it's left us with a lot of unanswered questions.

Had Netflix decided against bringing back Daredevil for a second season (considering the fact that the first was their highest viewed original drama of all-time, that was never going to happen), those thirteen episodes could have very easily been left there as a satisfying origin story for The Man Without Fear. Sure, there were a few hints about his future, but nothing which would have caused fans any sleepless nights. Season two on the other hand features a long list of unresolved plot threads, many of which come in the final two episodes. Things basically end on a massive cliffhanger for Matt, Elektra, and The Punisher, and while the latter is no doubt going to be showing up in his own solo series before too long, we're going to have to wait until both that and season three of Daredevil hit the online streaming service for definitive answers. That's both understandable and massively frustrating, and what you'll find here are the eight biggest unanswered questions we've all been left with after watching Daredevil season two. Needless to say, major spoilers follow, and while I've done my best to shed at least some light on what these mysteries could mean, only time will tell how they're really going to be answered. Either way, they all need to be addressed ASAP!
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