Dark Crystal Age Of Resistance Cancelled After Just One Season

Dark Crystal Age of resistance has just been cancelled, and you should care.

Dark Crystal Age of Resistance is the prequel series to the 1982 epic fantasy film created by Jim Henson. The show was produced by Netflix, and found its release on the platform in 2019. It fared well in reviews, currently holding an 8.5 on IMDB and 82 on Metacritic, even recently receiving an Emmy in the category of outstanding children's programs. This in mind, it seems safe to say that the series was critically successful - and with it's star-studded cast and ambitious take on the fantasy genre, it's easy to see why.

Despite the successful reception the series has received, news has just broken that after only one season, the show has been cancelled. Lisa Henson, the executive producer behind the series, had this to say on the matter:

"We can confirm that there will not be an additional season of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. We know fans are eager to learn how this chapter of The Dark Crystal saga concludes and we'll look for ways to tell that story in the future. Our company has a legacy of creating rich and complex worlds that require technical innovation, artistic excellence, and masterful storytelling.


"Our history also includes productions that are enduring, often finding and growing their audience over time and proving again and again that fantasy and science fiction genres reflect eternal messages and truths that are always relevant."

"We are so grateful to Netflix for trusting us to realise this ambitious series; we are deeply proud of our work on Age of Resistance, and the acclaim it has received from fans, critics and our peers, most recently receiving an Emmy for Outstanding Children's Program."


We know now that the show will not be finding new life on Netflix, and it's doubtful that another broadcaster will pick up the series. There is hope that the narrative will continue in some way, but it's guaranteed that it shall not be in live-action form.

In addition to this Netflix in response told Deadline: "We are grateful to the master artists at The Jim Henson Company for bringing The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance to life for fans around the world. We're thankful to the executive producers Lisa Henson and Halle Stanford, and Louis Leterrier, who also directed all episodes, as well as the writers, cast and crew for their outstanding work and thrilled they were recognised with the Emmy this weekend."


Whilst the news may be a great disappointment, it cannot come as a big surprise. Although the reasons have not been fully revealed yet, it seems evident that the large scale budget the show requires is a significant factor for the cancellation. It's hard to argue with the decision, as despite critical acclaim the series had low viewing figures. It's likely the niche subject matter, and style it was presented in made the show inaccessible for mainstream audiences.

The first season of Dark Crystal Age of Resistance is on Netflix, and is strongly recommended. Although the series will not continue, the first season is definitely worth your time.

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