David Morrisey Voted As The Governor in The Walking Dead Season 3!

Brit actor will play the main villain in the next season of AMC's zombie series which begins production in the Spring.

The second season of The Walking Dead hasn't stopped airing yet on AMC but already the producers are looking ahead to the already announced third series. AMC have announced that Brit actor David Morrisey has landed the key role of 'The Governor' in the third season, playing what essentially becomes the main villain for Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his zombie apocalypse survivors in the next series. His real name is Brain Blake, but he is dubbed The Governor because he leads a small settlement of his own survivors in Woodbury and fans of the comic will recognise the character having made his debut in issue 27 of Robert Kirkman's Image Comics series. Production on The Walking Dead actually begins in just a few months time in Atalanta for what is a massive 16-episode order of the mega popular but kinda slow moving AMC series. Meanwhile you can check out the next episode of The Walking Dead from tomorrow night on AMC. The word is the episode is one of the better ones of the second season...
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