DC's Titans: 9 Reasons It's Already A Dud

A rough start for DC's latest.

Warner Bros.

The long-awaited new DC series Titans has just premiered, and while the critical response has been tepidly positive so far, it's honestly tough to be convinced on the basis of this utterly underwhelming season opener.

It is of course entirely possible the show will find its footing before the end of its 12-episode first season - as is the case with so many series - yet this first hour provides precious little evidence that Titans will deliver anything beyond creatively stagnant, tonally jarring mediocrity.

The show was of course subjected to much criticism after the first trailer landed online, and while Titans isn't a flaming trainwreck beyond saving, it's definitely fighting on the back foot right now. If it's going to fulfil its huge potential, a lot will need to change over the next few episodes to prevent fans from quickly tuning out.

From the show's damning first episode, though, these are the easy indicators it could very well end up DC's answer to Inhumans. Yikes...

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