Deadwood Movie?

HBO hints at possible revival.

When Deadwood was cancelled by HBO a decade ago, the world took it badly. The Western drama was, and still is, the finest TV show of our time, running for a mere three seasons between 2004-2006. There's been talk of a revival ever since Deadwood departed the airwaves, but none of the rumours mustered much steam. Until now. Yes, HBO have come right out and declared there have been "preliminary conversations" regarding a Deadwood movie. Which is pretty friggin' incredible. Chatter started mounting when actor (and Deadwood alum) Garret Dillahunt tweeted the following: You go Garret! HBO's response was vague but not altogether discouraging, stating that in relation to Dillahunt's tweet some "preliminary conversations" had taken place. What that means is totally uncertain, but it's refreshing to note they didn't shut the rumour down wholesale. I'm not sure Dillahunt should be name-checking Entourage too much though. That cult HBO series had a major audience (unlike Deadwood) before it came off the air in 2011, and didn't have a Western (an unfashionable box-office genre) angle to contend with. Yet, when an Entourage movie was released earlier this summer, it still tanked. Of course we can argue the grand, sweeping scale of Deadwood is much more cinematic than the LA nightspots of Entourage, and that it possibly appeals to a more hardened, cinema-going demographic. Still, it's important to gauge expectations carefully here. A return for Deadwood is an exciting prospect, but I imagine a lot has to be ironed out and discussed before it becomes any sort of (awesome) reality.
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