Destination Star Trek Beams Into London

The biggest Star Trek event to hit London for the last 10 years has kicked off at the Excel Center in London's Docklands. Fans of the sci-fi phenomenon are in for a packed weekend as people from all across the Europe meet up to collectively celebrate the show. As well as autographs and photo shoots on offer, there are numerous talks and discussions with many Star Trek heavyweights like Brent Spiner (Data) and Michael Dorn (Worf), scheduled over the weekend . There are also opportunities to quiz Star Trek producers Ronald D. Moore, Ira Behr and Brannon Braga who are taking part in question and answer sessions with fans. But the big draw of Star Trek London is that for the first time in Europe, all five captains from Star Trek are in attendance at one convention. And on Friday night, William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Kate Mulgrew, Avery Brooks and Scott Bakula took to the stage for the official opening ceremony that was hosted by Torchwood star, Mr Jazz-Hands himself, John Barrowman. It certainly was a surreal experience to see Kirk, Picard et al, standing on stage together and all five actors had good chemistry together that the audience in the main hall lapped up. You got the usual questions you expect to hear such as ''what was your most embarrassing moment?'' and ''Is space big?,'' a question asked by an adorable 5 year old. But there were some interesting tidbits form Patrick Stewart who said that his favorite piece of sci-fi apart from The Next Generation is Aliens. He also said that after Star Trek Nemesis, Brent Spiner and John Logan were writing another Next Generation movie that was going to star all five captains. Obviously it never happened but it sounded like an intriguing concept. Friday night concluded with a Klingon party that had J.G. Hertzler (Martok) and Robert O'Reilly (Gawron) performing. Destination Star Trek London so far has lived up to the hype and with two more days to go, WhatCulture will be at the extravaganza, bringing you all the news that you need to know.
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