Dexter Quiz: Dexter Morgan - Finish These Quotes

Can we just forget the infamous final episode?


Masquerading in plain sight, Dexter Morgan is the epitome of a monster lurking behind a facade, working as Miami Metro PD’s premier blood spatter analyst while hiding a dark and grizzly secret from the rest of his family and colleagues.

Dexter is none other than the Bay Harbour Butcher – a serial killer with a moral code. Using a methodical and highly personal justice system to decide others' fate, Dexter only targets other serial killers without losing touch of the irony of the situation. Dexter somehow manages to make murder seem justifiable.

The show is as dark as television programs come, but also manages to keep a very obscure but necessary sense of humour along the way. Michael C. Hall portrays the emotionally inept sociopath perfectly.

Let’s just forget about the ill-fated final episode, and see how well you really know the Bay Harbour Butcher?

Answers at the end!

1. "Dogs Don't Like Me Because Of What I Sometimes Do To Their..."


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