Dexter Quiz: True Or False?

Are the following statements solid evidence or just a figment of imagination?


If you like to day dream about being a serial killer and how you would get away with it you probably need to go speak to somebody. But if you are not actually a threat to society then Dexter is definitely the show for you to watch!

Dexter is easily one of the best crime shows out there for the approach that it takes on a very overly done theme. Instead of solving murders with the Miami Metro Homicide Department we follow the story through the eyes of Dexter Morgan, a secret serial killer in disguise as a member of the squad. It works out as a complete role reversal where we see the good guys as the villains. Seeing everything through the first person perspective of Dexter and the code of Harry throws morality out of the window and leaves viewers with the internal debate, is vigilante justice is an acceptable notion in extreme circumstances? Kinda like Batman, just scarily realistic.

But how much of a fan of the show were you? Can you identify whether or not the following statements are true or false?

Answers are at the end!

1. Dexter Is A Forensic Biologist.


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