Dexter: The Toughest Dexter Morgan Quiz On The Internet

With Season 9 on the horizon, now is the time to look back on Dexter Morgan.

Dexter poster

In 2006, the tv drama, Dexter launched on Showtime. The story centres around a seemingly innocuous blood spatter analyst called Dexter Morgan who works for the Miami police force. Because of his mild-mannered and calm demeanour, few people suspect that he is secretly a serial killer. After being traumatised by his mother's murder at a young age, Dexter finds himself compelled to kill. After his stepfather fails to quash Dexter's murderous impulses, he convinces his son to only take the life of other murderers.

Due to its fascinating premise, the series was a hit from the get-go. During its eight-year run, Dexter was considered one of the hottest shows on television. (Except for the last season. Let's just pretend that never happened.) And with Season 9 being released this year, fans have never been more excited to see the return of Dex's Dark Passenger.

But because it's been off the air for eight years, your memory of the series may have become a little bit rusty. To test your metal, let's see if you can get 100% on this Dexter Morgan quiz.

1. What Is Dexter's Brother Called?


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