Did These Quotes Come From Breaking Bad Or Sons Of Anarchy?

Was the quote from the one with the meth empire or the motorbike enthusiasts?

breaking bad sons of anarchy

Breaking Bad and Sons Of Anarchy are two shows with their own unique presentation of crime. They both take place from the perspective of the bad guys with seemingly justifiable reasons for doing the things they do, resulting in blurred lines where morality is concerned.

Through Breaking Bad we watch a man dealing with his own mortality, having just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. He spends his remaining days putting his genius to use to provide financial security for his family when he is gone, albeit through creating his own empire built on meth. Sons Of Anarchy similarly follows the theme of legacy. From a man born into crime and trying to live up to the name of his father, Jackson Teller takes on a long character arc which leaves him sacrificing everything to ensure the safety of his sons.

Both shows follow characters that do extreme acts of violence with no regards for the law, but as the audience we have gotten to relate to the characters and to some extent sympathise with their motivation.

How well do you think you know the two shows, can you tell which quotes came from which?

Answers are at the end!

1. "You're An Insane, Degenerate Piece Of Filth And You Deserve To Die."


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