Did These Quotes Come From Brooklyn Nine-Nine Or How I Met Your Mother?

Which legendary show was it?


Brooklyn Nine-Nine and How I Met Your Mother are two of the most successful shows of the last twenty years. Whilst Brooklyn Nine-Nine is still airing new episodes thanks to the Fox network, How I Met Your Mother sadly came to an end almost 7 years ago (yes, it has been that long!).

Although the shows ending wasn't exactly what fans were hoping for, Ted's journey and epic relationship failures left us with some great memories.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is still providing some quality episodes and with the likes Jake Peralta and Charles Boyle. Their ultimate BFF relationship reminds fans of Joey and Chandler's from the '90s, some may even prefer the modern day duo, but there's no denying that their bromance is one of the key ingredients to Nine-Nine's success.

You may be Ted Mosby's biggest fan, or you may know Die Hard better than Jake does, but can you tell which of these quotes came from which show?

Answers at the end!

1. “It’s Just, Eventually We’re All Gonna Move On. It’s Called Growing Up.”


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