Did These Quotes Come From Brooklyn Nine-Nine Or Parks & Recreation?

Can you tell which of these quotes came from which show?

Brooklyn nine nine parks and recreation

When we look at comedy shows there are many things that make them great, the characters, the repeated scenarios, relationships and general misunderstandings that we can relate to in our normal everyday lives. A lot of television shows can have a comparison drawn up between them for having these similar traits, an example being the well loved New York cop-comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the popular political satire sitcom Parks and Recreation.

The most notable comparison between both of these shows based in government divisions are the characters that we get to meet. Whether it is the seemingly emotionless robots in Captain Holt and Ron Swanson that we know have a much more emotional core or the main couples that don't actually have the show revolve around it in Jake and Amy and Leslie and Ben, you can't help but when watching one of these shows be reminded of the other.

Both shows boast a strong and quite large cast of main characters that all have their own loud personalities, regularly clashing with each other and leading to some hilarious outbursts. But can you tell which of these quotes belong to which show?

Answers are at the end!

1. “Just Remember, Every Time You Look Up At The Moon, I Too, Will Be Looking At A Moon.”


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