Did These Quotes Come From Friends Or How I Met Your Mother?

Was it the gang that hang at Central Perk or the MacLaren's pub regulars?


Two of the most popular sitcoms in the world are without question Friends and How I Met Your Mother. These are two television shows beloved by many people around the entire world and often get comparisons drawn between them.

Both shows are set in New York, which seems to be one of the first rules ticked off in the 'How to make a sitcom' handbook. They revolve around young adults in their mid-late twenties and all are of similar personalities and stereotypes, going through their own ups and downs with careers and relationships. What makes the two series so successful though is the chemistry between the characters and their ability to keep you invested in each of them through one crazy situation to the next.

With each character comes a big personality that is used to excellent effect in both shows. The effectiveness of the characters created countless iconic scenarios, leaving us with a vast quantity of memorable quotes, some hilarious and some that can even leave you with an entirely new perspective on life.

But can you tell which of the following quotes came from which show?

Answers at the end!

1. “Whenever I’m Sad, I Stop Being Sad And Be Awesome Instead.”


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