Did These Quotes Come From Friends Or The Big Bang Theory?

Which quotes came from which show?


In popular sitcoms there are always comparisons to be drawn between shows. Friends is usually the one to compare to as it is arguably the greatest one of all time, resulting in many following series to take notes.

The Big Bang Theory doesn't so much draw close comparison in plain sight but when we look at the characters there are definite similarities in personality for some. We have the awkward comedians who hide their feelings behind humour in Chandler and Howard, the not so bright but hot Rachel and Penny which we watch go from zero to hero in their careers, the nerds who still think they are cool in Ross and Leonard and the loveable foodies that are Joey and Raj.

These particular character personalities are what make these shows as great as they are because they blend together so well, opening up endless comedic possibilities. Both casts play their roles to perfection and give viewers characters that won't be forgotten any time soon.

But how well do you know Friends and The Big Bang Theory, can you tell which quotes came from which show?

Answers are at the end!

1. “I Do Wanna Fling My Poop At Her.”

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