Did These Quotes Come From Friends Or The Big Bang Theory?

Which fan-favourite show did these quotes come from?

Friends and the big bang theory

Friends and The Big Bang Theory are arguably two of the most resonant and iconic of all the big TV shows ever to grace our small screens. These two sitcoms not only made waves with audiences when they were released back in 1994 and 2007, respectively, but they've also gone on to become much-needed comfort food for us after a tiring day in the here and now. And being widely recognised, the two shows always draw comparisons, whether it be the character arcs, or familiar story dynamics.

The Big Bang Theory is often claimed to have taken notes from Friends, and while this may not be entirely true, some character personalities do share common grounds. There are the awkward comedians' Chandler and Howard, who use their sarcastic puns as a defence mechanism. Then there's the bubbly and charming girl next door in Rachel and Penny, the hopeless romantic nerds in Ross and Leonard and the lovable foodies in Joey and Raj.

These character dynamics form parallels for the two shows, blending together perfectly and creating endless comedic possibilities of crossovers and comparisons for fans. So, here's one fun quiz working in some iconic quotes from these TV shows. Can you tell these two fan-favourite shows apart based on these quotes alone?

Test your Friends and Big Bang Theory know-how with this quiz.

1. "Oh, I Wish I Could, But I Don't Want To."


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