Did These Quotes Come From Game Of Thrones Or The Walking Dead?

Were they under threat of The White Walkers or just your regular creepy zombies?


When people think of an apocalyptic event that wipes out the human race a common thought is of a zombie apocalypse. Admit it, you have thought about how you would survive if a zombie apocalypse were to happen like the rest of us. The Walking Dead has arguably taken the title for the best zombie tv show of all time with the most fearsome zombies, giving massive credit to the make up and special effects team for their outstanding work.

Another extremely popular show that deals with the hoards of advancing undead is Game Of Thrones. Boasting a phenomenal budget they brilliantly brought to life the ghoulish White Walkers and their legions of reanimated dead to extinguish all life in Westeros. The cold dead stare from the Night King's icy blue eyes is something that will live in the minds of fans forever.

With imminent threat of extinction in both shows we get to see how humanity is stretched to its limits, morality is traded in for desperation and civilisation devolves into a state of anarchy. Your favourite characters can turn out to be the ones to make the most evil acts!

But how well do you know the two shows, can you identify which quote is from which?

Answers are at the end!

1. "I Grew Up With Soldiers. I Learned How To Die A Long Time Ago.”


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