Did These Quotes Come From Teen Wolf Or Riverdale?

Can you tell the two fan-favourite teenage mystery dramas apart from these quotes alone?

teen wolf or riverdale

Riverdale and Teen Wolf are definitely two of the most popular supernatural teenage shows.

Both based in a small mysterious towns, focusing on a group of high school teenagers, the two shows might have different dynamics but the crux of the foundational storyline and character arcs resonate a lot of similarity.

A sweet and cute puppy-ish leading man (Archie/Scott) who have a snarky best friend (Jughead/Stiles), whose sardonic humour and pop culture references deflect more weirdness than their bizarre names. The two shows have more in common than fans realise.

From Veronica/Allison to Cheryl/Lydia, the resemblance of bedrock character dynamics on the two beloved shows is astounding, and when coupled with similar story backgrounds, the character quotes don't fall far from the stream, leading to a lot of similar iconic sayings.

So, do you know Archie Andrews better than you know Scott McCall? Do you know the town of Riverdale better than you know Beacon Hills?

This quiz will test even the most die-hard fans of these supernatural teen dramas. Can you tell the two shows apart from just these quotes alone?

Answers at the end!

1. "There's No Such Thing As Fate."


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