Did These Quotes Come From The Vampire Diaries Or The Originals?

Can you tell the two fan-favourite vampire shows apart through these quotes alone?

The originals and the vampire diaries
The CW

Vampires have always been an intriguing and fascinating part of myths and lore, and when The Vampire Diaries premiered back in 2009, it came right at the height of the vampire craze that kind of swept up the world.

At first glance, it looked like just another teen drama in the same vein as Twilight. A closer look revealed that, while high in the teenage drama, this was also a series that paid respect to vampire lore, featured strong characters and plenty of twists.

The big audience response fuelled its creators to thrust for a spinoff, The Originals and much to their amusement, it became an infusion of fresh blood in the vampire genre gaining critical acclaim. Focusing on the bonds of family and heated power struggles — with a big dose of vampiric hedonism mixed in, The Originals turned to darker and adult routes over The Vampire Diaries.

Comparisons aside, both shows employ highly relatable characters and story arcs leading to tons of engaging quotes. So, here's a quiz to test the biggest of fans. Can you tell the two shows apart from these quotes alone?

Answers at the end!

1. “I'd Love To Help But I'm A Little Busy Grieving Another Dead Boyfriend.”


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