Doctor Who: 7 Ways Clara Could Die

"Met her in the Dalek Asylum, and she died. Met her in Victorian London, and she died".

So Jenna Coleman€™s decided that sprinting round the universe saving lives and kicking alien's all over is actually far less fun than pretending to be Queen Victoria for ITV and, accordingly, Clara will be departing the TARDIS for the time being. We know she€™s off before the Christmas special, so presumably that means a big send-off at the end of this series. Now, naturally, it€™s not nailed on that she€™ll die, but a fair wedge of the recent companions, plus many from the classic series, have gone to the great fan convention in the sky in a blaze of glory rather than just toddling off the TARDIS and back onto civvy street. Think about it: what€™s Clara going to do on Earth afterwards if she lives? Spend the rest of her life having abuse hurled at her by hormonal teens in East London? No thanks, pal. Based on what€™s happened to old companions, and featuring a fair dollop of good old-fashioned wild (read: educated) speculation, here are the most likely modes of death she€™ll meet.


Holding midfielder; can get forward. Decent engine.