Doctor Who: Can You Guess The Episode From The Image?

How much can you remember these classic episodes?


The longest running sci-fi show of all time, Doctor Who's history spans an incredible 57 years. From the moment two schoolteachers found an old police box in a junkyard, we've been whisked away across the universe and watched as the show evolved, from the 60s black and white era of William Hartnell through to the first female Doctor in Jodie Whittaker's incarnation today.

For any new Whovian seeing the show for the first time, there's a stack of content to get through, with a grand total of over 800 episodes to enjoy. Even for a hardcore fan of the show, it's a difficult enough task to even watch all of that, let alone remember it all.

So how well do you know your Whovian eras? Could you tell the difference between a David Tennant classic and a Matt Smith epic? Let's see if you can guess these episodes across the show's history just from the image alone...

1. What Episode Is This Image From?


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