Dollhouse: Where Are They Now?

"Did I fall asleep?" "For a little while. Do you trust me?" "With my life."

Mutant Enemy

The concept of Dollhouse is a unique one that only just got to show its promise before its tragically early cancellation.

There is an agency out there who can provide you with anything you want so long as you can pay the price. Want a date, an assassin, a teacher, a bodyguard? They're yours, and they may even all look alike. A custom personality and skillset is created for your need and downloaded into dolls; mind-wiped prisoners who are kept in a childlike state between missions.

The show's original hook centred on the dual concepts of the tech beginning to fail (which would eventually lead to the wonderfully apocalyptic Epitaph episodes on the DVDs) as well as the investigation into the Dollhouse and the company behind it in an effort to make them pay for their crimes against humanity.

Coming from a post-Firefly Joss Whedon, Dollhouse featured many of the traditional Whedon faces as well as a mix of some of the up and coming sci-fi actors of the day. Ten years on from the show's cancellation, let's catch up with the stars and see where they are now.


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