Don't Leave Your Seat! How Well Do You Remember These MCU Credits Scenes?

Stay in your seat until the credits roll, and test your knowledge of MCU after credits scenes!

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Every fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe knows the number one rule of seeing a Marvel movie in theatres for the first time: Do not leave your seat until after the credits have rolled, the screen fades to black, and the lights come back on.

Leave any earlier, and you haven't had the full Marvel movie experience. Leave any earlier, and you have potentially missed something vitally important to the future of the franchise. Leave any earlier, and you can hardly call yourself a Marvel fan at all.

Marvel movies almost always feature mid or post-credits scenes. Sometimes these scenes are just a fun little post-script, or the pay off for an earlier throwaway line, such as the famous Shwarmascene.

Others act as teasers to future films, or even to the franchise as a whole. Occasionally, these scenes have even introduced important new characters, locations, or plot points into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whether they are there for fun or world-building, credits scenes have become a vital and beloved aspect of MCU films.

But, how much do you actually remember about these scenes? Test your knowledge with our quiz!

1. In The Post-credits Scene Of Iron Man, What Does Nick Fury Want To Talk To Tony About?

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