Doom Patrol Season 1: 8 Ups And 1 Down

DC's latest live-action series is a triumph.

DC Universe

Out of all the properties expected to really take off, nobody could've guessed that the one involving farting inter-dimensional donkeys and a cockroach determined to bring about the apocalypse would be the one. Yet, it's in Doom Patrol's refusal to compromise on any of its artistic merits that it's found success. If it had been placed on any other network, there's no telling just how much lesser a product it'd be. Thankfully, showrunner Jeremy Carver and all of the superb writers got to get away with so many F-bombs and wackiness, allowing the excellent final product to come out as it has.

It'd be easy to compare DP to Guardians of the Galaxy as it's another rag-tag group of lesser-known comic characters, but don't misunderstand and think this show is anything like what you've seen before.

Doom Patrol really is something of a revelation. It's a show that always elects to avoid well-tread superhero stories and whenever it must hit those genre conventions, the show will mock itself for it. Everyone involved should be praised for what they achieved here. But before the gushing continues, here's the show's only major negative...

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