Dragon Ball Z Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Namek Saga?

Can you remember how the Z fighters first trip off planet earth went down?

Toei Animation

With the threat of the Saiyans on Earth put to bed for now, the Z fighters can look forward to some peace time with their loved ones. Or at least try to tell Goku that... family neglect for eating and training seems to be that guy's favourite hobbies. But luckily he is always pushing his limits as there are always newer, stronger threats on the horizon.

The Namek saga is the first chance to explore further than planet Earth as the series turns its attention to the home world of Piccolo, planet Namek. With a landscape not too dissimilar to Earth (minus the green filter) we get to learn more about the race of the Namekians, or at least what's left of their race.

But along with the attention of the Z fighters, Namek has attracted the eye of their biggest threat yet and we are not far away from being introduced to arguably the most notorious villain in the entire Dragon Ball Z franchise.

How well do you remember the Namek saga, do you think you can 100% this quiz?

Answers are at the end!

1. Which Saga Is The Namek Saga In Dragon Ball Z?






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