Dragon Ball Z Quiz: Who Killed These Characters?

Who killed these characters in the battles between good and evil?

Toei Animation

Dragon Ball Z is arguably the most famous and well known series in the history of Anime ever. Everybody knows who Goku is when they see the iconic orange and blue clothes and his spiked black hair. Even people that don't like the series know who he is.

The story of Goku and the Z fighters is one of the most loved in animated television. Following on from the Dragon Ball series it picks up five years later where Goku is now a husband and a father. With increasingly difficult threats rising to challenge him and his friends, we are there all the way watching him train and grow in strength through devotion and sacrifice. But of course he is not the only character to have vital roles in the protection of Earth and other planets. Many of the other Z fighters and more have their roles to play in important battles for the future of good and evil.

How well do you think you know the Dragon Ball Z series? Can you identify who defeated the following warriors along the way?

Answers are at the end!

1. Dabura.


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