Dynamo: 20 Mind-Blowing Tricks You Need To See

The biggest street magician around and the tricks that gained him worldwide fame.

It's been 8 years since the Bradford-born Dynamo first hit our TV screens, with an initial appearance on Richard and Judy marking the start of a rapid rise to becoming a bona fide global sensation. Easily equalling the likes of other legendary street magicians like David Blaine and Derren Brown, Dynamo has continued to amaze audiences with his uniquely baffling tricks as well as winning our hearts with a refreshingly quiet and humble demeanour. Most of us know him best for his award winning TV show, Dynamo: Magician Impossible, where he performed for the general public on the street as well as big name celebrities like Natalie Imbruglia, Will Smith and Samuel L. Jackson, and over the years he€™s proved himself to be adept at a huge array of different styles of magic. He seems equally at ease performing old-school tricks with a pack of cards as he does doing completely original and frankly bizarre things with peoples' personal belongings. Whether he€™s seemingly reading someone€™s mind or creating huge spectacles using famous landmarks, you€™d be hard-pressed not to find something in his repertoire that leaves you feeling pretty gobsmacked. So, whether you're the kind of person to stare on in slack-jawed disbelief, or you're the one who thinks you have the whole trick sussed out from the start, here are 20 mind blowing tricks you need to see.

20. Changing Tinie Tempah's Album Cover

http://youtu.be/-_hxh0SBeSg Tinie Tempah literally hides when Dynamo pulls off this stunt.
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