Emmys 2017 Nominations: 15 Major Shocks & Snubs

You won't believe some of these snubs.


After much anticipation, this year's Emmy nominations have finally been revealed - and there is a lot to discuss. A quick look at social media would likely reveal how excited TV viewers are over the fact that their favourite shows have been nominated, but it may also highlight how many people are in disbelief over the shocking snobs made by the Academy this year.

The past year has been one of television's finest, so it was going to be tough for the Academy to give all of the acclaimed offerings a nomination. There are the nods that we could've predicted, such as The Handmaid's Tale and American Crime Story, both of which received multiple nominations. And of course HBO's Game Of Thrones which, for yet another year, leads the pack with a whopping 22 nominations.

While many of television's best shows received the credit they're due, not all of them were so lucky. There were a few glaring omissions from the nominations list - some of which are pretty outrageous when considering some of the shows that did get nominated. But perhaps that's part of the Emmy charm - you can never quite predict who'll pick up a nomination.


Stephen Patterson is an experienced writer and reviewer. He's also a TV addict.