Emmys 2024 Review: 9 Ups & 7 Downs

A predictable but (mostly) satisfying Emmys.

Emmys 2024 The Bear Better Call Saul
Fox & AMC

The long-delayed 75th Primetime Emmy Awards have finally just taken place, with Hollywood strike action pushing the ceremony back an entire four months into 2024.

And while there was as such a slightly rough-around-the-edges feel to the show, it was nevertheless a broadcast packed with satisfying wins for thoroughly deserving shows and performers.

A classic for the ages? Absolutely not, but most of the winners made sense, even if they were thunderously predictable and ultimately led to the most egregious snub-job in the history of the Emmys.

There have been better hosts and more adventurous, surprising winners, but this was an Emmy show which delivered the solidly basic goods, didn't put the audience to sleep with overlong comedy skits, and finished on schedule. That all makes for a huge win, honestly.

While this year's show was hardly an ideal circumstance, and it'll be undeniably weird to sit through another Emmys as soon as this coming September - short of its date also being moved back a bit - it still served as a fine template for how to deliver a safe but satisfying awards ceremony...

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