Eve Myles spills on TORCHWOOD: THE NEW WORLD

In an interview with Wales Online, Eve Myles has revealed a few details about Torchwood: The New World.
"We are going to be living in the Hollywood Hills, literally underneath the Hollywood sign. It looks like something out of Austin Powers. It€™s a step back in time to Hollywood in the 1960s. It's really, really retro. It's had one owner and it€™s been kept exactly as it was."
So the new Torchwood Hub is going to be underneath the iconic Hollywood sign, with a retro American feel to the premises? Sounds promising. Filming on the fourth series begins on 11 January, for a summer 2011 release on the US cable network Starz and BBC1. There's still no official word on who will be joining original stars Myles and John Barrowman on the 10-part miniseries, although names like Enver Gjoraj (Dollhouse) and Amber Stevens (Greek) have been mentioned. Torchwood: The New World will primarily shoot in Los Angeles, with some location filming taking place in Gower, Wales.
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