Every Main Character From True Detective Ranked From Worst To Best

When does Season Four start? We need more characters like these.

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Like many anthology series' one of the best things about them is that you can watch an entire season in its singularity and not have to have any context before or after. In terms of True Detective, we're given three unique but also similar stories in which a crime is investigated across multiple time periods, all while including well-rounded police detectives.

While the series has had its ups and downs; it would be pointless now to recollect how poorly the second season was received, when the incredible third season resurrected and brought the series back to its place as a Grade-A crime show.

In these three seasons (so far) we've seen a very diverse spectrum of characters both lawful and not. With the settings and time periods changing with the series each season, so have the characteristics of the main players on the show.

What started off as two detectives investigating a murder, has expanded into a series where a main character doesn't even have to be a cop to be considered one of the investigators in the season.

Here is hoping a fourth season will go into production, and a new set of interesting characters will grace our screens soon.

But in the meantime, here is a ranking of all main characters across the True Detective anthology.

Discounted from this list are recurring appearances (eluded to or not); so no Yellow King, Hoyt Family members or guys in bird hats I'm afraid.


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