Every Netflix Marvel Villain Ranked Worst To Best

17. Bakuto (Iron Fist Season 1, The Defenders)


Portrayed by Ramón Rodríguez, Iron Fist's Bakuto certainly played a pivitol role in Netflix/Marvel's darker expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As founder and leader of the criminal organisation The Hand, Bakuto introduced us to an antagonising force that would repeatedly challenge our anti-heroes. However, as an individual, Batuko failed to be anything other than generic.

During his time at K'un-Lun, Bakuto studied the power of the Iron Fist and in the age-old tradition of the villain, he misused both its power and its teachings - shocking, I know. Bakuto was a somewhat satisfying mirror to Danny Rand, whose dedication and allegiance to the immortal iron fist became a little dreary, but this hardly redeemed Bakuto from being anything other than a two-dimensional villain.

Even Bakuto's death in Iron Fist's first season came from the hand of second-tier character, Davos, proving that Bakuto's entire arc was lacklustre. Bakuto was resurrected by The Hand in the crossover series, The Defenders, yet even with this second chance, he failed to leave a lasting impression.

The Hand overstayed their welcome in the Netflix MCU and for that, we have Bakuto to thank. That in itself is reason enough for his last place ranking.


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