Every Netflix Original Series Still To Come In 2017 - Ranked By Anticipation

2017 is about to get even Stranger.

Netflix 2017

2017 has been a bit of a mixed year for Netflix. Its old reliables House of Cards and Orange is the New Black weren't quite as well-received as previous years, and the once bulletproof Marvel series took some big hits as well.

On the flip side, Master of None reached new heights in its second season, they launched excellent new series like GLOW and American Vandal, and 13 Reasons Why remains one of the most talked about (and controversial) shows of the year so far. And there's still plenty more to come.

The streaming service is now one of the biggest players in the TV market, offering up shows that get the double whammy of a mass audience and awards recognition, and the sheer amount of content they've been pumping out this year is staggering, as nary a week goes by without a new Netflix Original Series hitting accounts.

There is no sign of that pace slowing down as we enter the final quarter of the year, with big returning favourites, hot new things, foreign language dramas, animated comedies, and many more yet to arrive before 2017 comes to a close (with a couple of key exceptions, only shows with a set release date are included).

16. Real Rob

Real Rob

A series focusing on the everyday life of Rob Schneider. Netflix decided it was worth a second season. I don't know why this is a thing.


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