Every Season 1 Black Mirror Episode Ranked Worst To Best

Oink oink.

Black Mirror Fifteen Million Merits

Season one of Black Mirror displays perhaps its boldest and most controversial storytelling in the show's history, and that's just the opening scene. As we see the Prime Minister discover he must have live televised sex with a pig in order to save a member of the Royal Family, television was never quite the same again.

Without this groundbreaking first episode and incredibly strong start we would never have seen the show become the Netflix hit which A-List actors wanted to be a part of and was watched worldwide by millions of viewers. Black Mirror went from cult classic to global phenomenon seemingly overnight.

Now nearly 10 years later the phrase "that's a bit Black Mirror, isn't it?" has become a shortcut for summing up the state of our world, which more than ever seems to be veering ever closer to the disturbingly twisted dystopia which Charlie Brooker has created.

With this bleak thought in mind, find out which episode was worthy of fifteen million merits and which one just left us staring blankly at the black mirror in front of us...


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