Every The CW Superhero Show Ranked Worst To Best

The home of DC superheroes since its debut, which of The CW's live-action heroes will stand tall?

The CW

Comic book-inspired programming has been around for decades, allowing us to enjoy the escapades of costumed superheroes from the comfort of our own homes, but never has a TV network become so synonymous with superheroes in the way that The CW has.

A joint venture between Warner Bros. and CBS, it was, for the longest time, primarily a teen network, housing beloved shows like One Tree Hill, The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle (and it was once even the home WWE's Friday Night SmackDown). And yet, in the past decade, it has undergone something of a rebrand.

Sure, it still houses a number of teen shows and ultimately influences some of its non-teen programs to give into its more, well, angsty tendencies (when they shouldn't), but that doesn't change the fact that it is now primarily considered the home of DC Comics programming.

That reputation is down to the popularity of the Arrowverse - a shared universe of superhero shows spun off from 2012's Arrow, all of which focus on some of DC's most iconic superheroes. With comparisons to Marvel's big-screen cinematic universe, The CW's line-up is ever-changing, with some shows leaving our screens just as new ones join the fray. But its line-up hasn't just consisted of Arrowverse superheroes.

With all that in mind (and two more potential superhero shows on the way), let's take a look at The CW's heroic programming and, while we're at it, rank them.

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