Every Time Wrestling Appeared On The Simpsons Ranked

In which it turns out, the SmackDown! Hotel is located in Springfield.

20th Century

The Simpsons has been an icon in popular culture since its television debut in 1989. 31 years later and somehow the show is still airing new content on a regular basis. With 679 episodes broadcast to date, the program has made a plethora of references to other areas of pop culture.

Professional Wrestling is just one of these areas. The sport has been referenced many times over the years, especially during the wrestling boom period of the late nineties. Characters have been seen watching the sport on TV, attending as a fan in the stands and even donning a wrestling persona and jumping in the ring themselves. Actual real life wrestlers have even made brief celebrity cameos.

It appears that Springfield has a rich Pro Wrestling history and culture. So let's dive in and explore all the times that The Simpsons crossed over with the wacky world of wrestling.


24. Local Man Thinks Wrestling Is Real

S18 E1: The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer.

During the season premiere of season 18 'The Mook, The Chef, The Wife and Her Homer' Lisa is trying to gain the interest of a boy at school. The boy, who is soon to be discovered as local mob boss Fat Tony's son claims that he is different to his father. Lisa responds to this by claiming she also isn't like her father, ashamedly presenting a front-page newspaper headline which reads "Local Man Thinks Wrestling Is Real" with a picture of Homer standing tall in the ring.

Homer, we can assume, believed the sport was real, jumped the barricade and tried to join in. I mean who can blame Homer, we've all dreamt of doing it at one point.


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