Every Upcoming Netflix Original Series Of 2018 - Ranked By Anticipation

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Netflix Sabrina Daredevil 2
Netflix/Archie Comics

Netflix's rapid rise over the last few years shows little sign of slowing down anytime soon. The streaming service, which only launched its first original series in 2013, now has more TV shows, documentaries, and movies than it's possible for any one person to watch.

Even ignoring the latter two and just focusing on the TV series, there's so much content to come in 2018 that it's enough to make you ponder cancelling your subscription to save the hassle of even trying to keep up with it all (and that's before you include the shows they simply distribute (and the likes of Better Call Saul won't be listed here)).

Hit shows are coming back after agonisingly long breaks, and there are brand new dramas, comedies, animations, and animes on the horizon. Some may be far more exciting than others, but you won't be spoilt for choice if and when you fancy a change from binge-watching Friends for the millionth time.

42. Friends From College Season 2

Friends From College Keegan Michael Key Cobie Smulders

Netflix finally started cancelling shows in 2017, after a run where it seemed like everything, no matter the reception or audience size, got a second chance. That makes it more surprising that Friends From College is returning, since it was one of their most panned shows of last year.

The characters lacked charm or likability, which was perhaps the most disappointing thing about the series given its talented cast, which is led by Cobie Smulders and Keegan-Michael Key. The star power involved is likely why a second season was greenlit, along with the fact that a number of questions were left open. The biggest, though, is whether anyone will care.

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