Exclusive Interview: Brian Quinn Talks Impractical Jokers, Wanting To Work With WWE, 'The Misery Index' & More

The Impractical Jokers in a WWE storyline?!


Almost a decade removed from the debut of their own show 'Impractical Jokers' on truTV, The Tenderloins are still making moves and have been busier lately than ever before, even while in quarantine.

The comedian quartet of Brian Quinn, Joe Gatto, Sal Vulcano and James Murray are fresh off the digital release of their first feature-length film, 'Impractical Jokers: The Movie', which hit theaters earlier this year. Although its run on the big screen was short-lived due to the coronavirus pandemic, the movie managed to eclipse the $10 million mark at the domestic box office in mid-March.

Fans of The Tenderloins will also enjoy their involvement in the American comedy show 'The Misery Index' on TBS, which will start its second season on TBS on May 10th. It's drastically different than 'Impractical Jokers' as far as its concept is concerned yet is every bit as entertaining because of the hosts' undeniable chemistry and ability to have fun with everything they're involved in.

All of their success stems from their own show becoming such a phenomenon since 2011. It recently surpassed 200 episodes on truTV and was renewed for a ninth season that is expected to premiere later this year.

In addition to 'Impractical Jokers' and 'The Misery Index', Q and Sal specifically can be seen in the front row of any WWE show emanating from their native New York. The two have long been fans of the product and have inquired about being a part of a storyline at some point.

This past week, I had the chance to chat with Brian "Q" Quinn over the phone about all of the Impractical Jokers' latest projects, WWE fandom and desire to work with the company in some form or fashion, what fans can expect from the upcoming second season of 'The Misery Index', and much more.

Between filming for the Impractical Jokers show, for The Misery Index, for the movie last year, live touring and everything else you guys do, how have you guys seen your everyday lives affected by everything going on right now and how have you been spending your time in quarantine?

Quinn: I'm just sitting at home, not working, going crazy, almost like I'm being punished, but I think that's a pretty common experience and everybody feels that way. I've been home, I started a radio show and that kills some time, I've been writing ideas and scripts and whatnot for stuff I've always wanted to do but never had time for. I think my experience is similar to everybody's, right?

Fans of 'Impractical Jokers' can also enter the All In Challenge and have the chance to win a trip to New York City to hang out with you guys and do a ton of cool stuff, where the money raised will go to those in need right now. How did that opportunity for you guys to participate in the All In Challenge come about and how excited are you to be back among the public and the fans when everything gets back to normal?

Quinn: I think the All In Challenge came from us talking about it. We want to do what we can while we're home to help out because there's really not much we can do right now. I'm sending videos to people stuck in their house [Joe] Gatto is doing Zoom meetings for high schools and stuff like that. We're just doing what we can. It was just born out of this idea of, “How can we be useful?” “How can we be helpful and make people happy at the same time?” It was just the desire to help and stuff like that. I just can't wait to get out there.

We've been shooting this TV show now 10 years and a lot of this crew has been with us the whole time. I miss them. I miss going to work and seeing my friends. I miss touring and I haven't been in front of a crowd in a while. We're going to get shot out of a cannon when it's time to go back to work, we're going to be so excited to see people. It's going to be insane. I can't wait, I really can't wait.

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