Falcon & The Winter Soldier: 10 Biggest Problems

One of the MCU's most frustrating efforts.

the Falcon and the winter soldier

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier - the second Disney+ MCU series - has concluded its six-episode run. It was eagerly anticipated prior to release, but does this latest MCU effort live up to the hype?

To be brutally honest... not really.

That isn't to say that this is a bad series by any means. It's a solid three-star work with some terrific ideas, effective character beats, a solid villain and (mostly) strong performances, while it has also introduced a new Captain America in fantastic style.

Nevertheless, despite the rather generous critical reviews so far, the series is honestly something of a disappointment. It just doesn't hit particularly hard overall and there are many creative issues that hold it back from being nearly as good as some of the MCU's best instalments - or WandaVision, the first Disney+ MCU show, for that matter.

Of course, Falcon and the Winter Soldier is still worth seeing for Marvel fans, but don't go in expecting a televisual classic or another WandaVision, since you'll only be disappointed.

11. Is Steve Alive Or...?

the Falcon and the winter soldier
Marvel Studios

Those hoping for a Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) cameo will be sorely disappointed, for not only does the original Captain America not appear, but it isn't explicitly confirmed whether or not he's alive.

Some lines of dialogue indicate that he has now died, but it isn't definitively stated and honestly, this was pretty irritating.

An actual appearance from the character wasn't necessary - the MCU really needs to learn to let their dead characters stay, you know, dead - but at some point it should've been made clear what Steve's current status is.

After all, his legacy looms large over the entire series and if he is definitely dead, then some discussion of that could've added emotional context to the story.

In fairness, it's possible that there will be proper confirmation about Steve's current whereabouts in a future MCU property, but that would then make Falcon and the Winter Soldier feel like a huge missed opportunity.

Since this series is all about who succeeds Steve, this would've been the ideal opportunity to expand of what happened to him post-Endgame.


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