Falling Skies Gets Third Season

TNT says The Resistance Lives for another season.

Season two only just stared airing but Stephen Spielberg's fantastic sci-fi series Falling Skies has already been picked up for a third season. Excellent news for those of us who've invested a lot of time in convincing ourselves Noah Wyle isn't actually still a namby-pamby geek quack who happens to share his name with an under-performing Disney character from Mars. The show revolves around the idea that Earth has been taken over with humans hiding out anywhere they can from the marauding alien invaders who are intent on nabbing the human children, enslaving them and then turning them into hideous hybrids. The human survivors become known as the 2nd-Massachuecets Militia and are lead by Wyle's retired History teacher who's only previous military experience comes from a text book. Season 3 will again feature only ten episodes as with previous seasons, and with an average of 5.9 million viewers it is still considered basic cable's number one summer drama with adult males aged between 18 and 49. Below is an excerpt from the official announcement by the head of programming for TNT...

"Falling Skies is television storytelling at its very best, a powerful drama that's told on both an epic scale and on a deeply personal level. With all the memorable and surprising moments taking place during the second season of Falling Skies, we can't wait to see what DreamWorks Television and Falling Skies' terrific production team and cast members have in store for season three."

So how do you feel about a third season being given the green light? Are you currently watching the latest shows or did you give up on it after season one? Let us know what you think below.

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