Family Guy: 10 Best Meg Episodes

A fistful of Meg.

In the beginning Meg (aka Megatron according to her birth certificate) was seen as the sweet teenage daughter of Lois and Peter Griffin (or according to Brian, the daughter of Stan Thompson). Yet as the years of Family Guy have progressed she has become more and more the black sheep of the family and even Quahog.

She is a typical self-conscious teenager and being the butt of her father€™s jokes doesn€™t help her in trying to fit in at school. Meg desperately tries to get in with the cool crowd and even naively joins a suicidal religious cult in attempt to make new friends.

Her relationship with her brother Chris is probably the only depiction of real family life, with him typically coming to her for advice.

Sit back, relax and let€™s take a look back at Meg at her very best which is sure to make you laugh and cry.

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